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Adelaide Baylor Library

Welcome to the Adelaide Baylor library page at Wabash High School!  Our library is named after former principal and Superintendent of Wabash City Schools, Adelaide Baylor.  Ms. Baylor donated a large portion of books from her personal library to start our library's collection.


Today the library offers a variety of activities and clubs along with the written word for students to enjoy.  The Artist Lecture Series, which is student and faculty-driven, has an activity every nine weeks.  Book Club meets once a month and covers two different books a year.  The culmination of the completion of the book is a discussion/guest speaker and foods that fit with the story/theme of the book. We also offer Extension Club (a craft club) which meets once a month.  


The library also offers games, cards, a dedicated meeting space, and various media capabilities for students and faculty to utilize for meetings and presentations.

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