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Wabash High School's goal is for all of our students to be college and career ready.  We use the "3 E's" to measure our success: every student graduating from WHS should be Employable at a living wage, Enlisted in the military, or Enrolled at a post-secondary institution.


Why is This Our Goal?

  • High school graduation is a celebration of meeting a list of academic requirements, but a diploma doesn't ensure success after high school.  We believe each of these avenues will enable our students to support themselves and their family while pursuing a rewarding career that interests them.

How Do We Get There?

  • 4-year Planning Conference: We host a private meeting with all freshmen, their guardian, their guidance counselor, their advisory teacher, and an administrator to find out the student's career interests and a develop a plan.

  • Early College High School: We are accredited by CELL as one of 23 Early College High Schools in the State of Indiana.  All students have the opportunity to earn college credits while in high school.  Twenty-eight of our 96 graduates for 2018 earned 24+ college credits, with over 1600 college credits earned school-wide last year.

  • Heartland Career Center: Heartland Career Center offers career technical education courses that award college credit and professional certification.  Students can transfer directly from Heartland to the workforce or go to college.

  • College and Career Fair: We host this event for all Wabash County schools.  We welcome 4-year colleges, technical schools, trade unions, military branches, etc.  Students are able to visit exhibits, talk to representatives, and take information home with them.

  • Project Lead the Way: We are the only high school in Wabash County to offer PLTW Biomedical, Computer Science, and Engineering pathways.

  • SAT School Day: We are the only school in Wabash County to offer the SAT during the school day for all of our students to take as a junior and senior, free of charge.  We are also the only school to allow all students to take the PSAT their freshman, sophomore, and junior years.

  • Advisories: Our students are placed with an advisory teacher their freshman year and remain with this teacher for all 4 years.  This teacher acts as a mentor for them and helps them complete tasks that will help them become college and career ready.  This includes things such as grade checks, volunteer opportunities, interest and strength surveys, career explorations, college visits, and financial literacy lessons.

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