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Band & Choir

The Wabash music and band program has been extremely successful throughout its long history. From local performances to state competitions, the list of accomplishments is long. We are extremely proud of the teachers and students who have taken ownership of our music and band program and made it what it is today.


Part of our story is the Wabash County Honors Band & Choir, a musical tradition that has left an indelible mark on our community, dating back over the last 50 years. From its humble beginnings as the Wabash County Music Festival, where every high school student was welcomed, to its transformation into the esteemed Honors Band & Choir under the guidance of Howard Garver and Bobb Keaffaber, this program has been a beacon of musical excellence and unity.

Carol Davis, wife of the late Bobb Keaffaber, eloquently expresses the program's profound impact, emphasizing its ability to instill a sense of belonging and pride in all students. Through the dedication of individuals like Susan Keefer and the enduring legacy of Bobb Keaffaber, the Honors Band & Choir continues to foster musical talent, forge lifelong friendships, and provide invaluable opportunities for students across Wabash County.


On March 8, 2024, the Honeywell Center hosted the celebration of 50 years of musical excellence. Below are links to a commemorative video, reception guestbook cards, and a link to Honeywell's page with the same resources. 

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