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Career Exploration

Students at Wabash High School have the opportunity to participate in either a semester or year-long internship course that provides workplace learning via an unpaid internship in either the public or private sector.  Interested students should contact the high school Guidance Office for more information.


Any student interested in Cadet Teaching may fill out the Cadet Teaching Application Packet and return it to the Guidance Office at the High School.


The Career Internship Packet is for any student interested in an internship for the Fall or Spring semester. They must get prior approval from the Guidance Office prior to applying.


Businesses interested in offering an internship can apply for an intern by filling out the placement information card and returning it to the Guidance Office at the High School.


Course Description:

The Career Exploration Internship is an unpaid work experience in the public or private sector that provides for workplace learning in an area of the student's career interest(s).  Opportunities are provided for the student to learn about themselves and about various traditional and non-traditional occupations and careers.  Students also gain an awareness of the type of occupational preparation or training needed for various occupations and careers.  Students will develop skills in employability, understanding the economic process, decision making, educational and future planning along with job searching and application completion.  Resumé development and interview experience is also provided in conjunction with other skills needed to succeed in today's workplace.


Course Objectives:

  • To make educational and career decisions based on experience and planning.

  • To develop communication skills for the public and workplace environments.

  • To identify personal interests, skills, and values.

  • To research career fields and occupations of interest.

  • To implement a personal job search campaign.

  • To interview for a job with confidence and effectiveness.

  • To demonstrate an understanding of the proper use of a resumé, cover letter and thank you letter, as well as develop and prepare examples for personal use.

  • To acquire a basic understanding of the world of work.

  • To properly be able to design an action plan that includes educational and career goals.

  • To understand the importance of academic achievement and performance required for career success.

  • To develop critical thinking, decision-making, and career-planning skills.

  • To develop leadership and teamwork skills required for career success.

  • To develop and understand legal and ethical behaviors in the workplace.

  • To develop and demonstrate technological literacy required in the workplace.

  • To contribute to a safe and healthy workplace environment.

  • To demonstrate an understanding of diversity in the workplace.

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