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WHS Graduates Earn Associates Degree While in High School

Wabash High School students earning an associates degree from Ivy Tech

In 2015, Wabash High School received an official endorsement from the Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL) at the University of Indianapolis to become Indiana's 13th official early college high school. Since 2015, Wabash Early College High School has been building an impressive course catalog of dual credit courses. Dual credit courses allow our high school students to receive both high school and college credit for certain courses that transfer to all public and many private colleges in Indiana.

If students are able to complete 30 credit hours, they will earn the Indiana College Core. The ICC is a block of 30 credit hours of college-level coursework that includes specific skills and academic outcomes that are part of general education programs. The ICC easily transfers between Indiana public colleges and universities and covers the first year of a student's college coursework.

The 2023 graduating class was able to earn 19 ICC's, so all of those students will start college as sophomores this fall. Seventeen students earned certificates that equal a semester of college, and two students were able to complete an entire associates degree (2 years of college) and graduate from Ivy Tech! All together, 210 Wabash Early College students earned 2,596 college credits during the 2022–2023 school year, up from 1809 college credits in the 2021–2022 school year. That equates to at least $389,000 worth of college credit that our families were able to save because they attended Wabash Early College High School. That means more money in our families pockets and less student debt for our graduates. It literally pays to attend Wabash Early College High School.

Wabash Early College High School teachers have invested time and talent to earn master's degrees to be able to teach these courses in our school. We offer a College Campus Experience at IUK so that our students can experience being on a college campus and on a college schedule. This ensures they are prepared academically and socially for life as a college student. Wabash Early College High School has a meticulous, intentional structure and credentialing program that make this incredible opportunity possible. Hours of hard work, paperwork, meetings, and reports by a wide variety of our staff make this possible. We are so proud of our staff and students accomplishments. #WeAreWabash

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